"Without followers on Twitter, not only will be you lonely, but your tweets will not get out to potential buyers. Gaining Twitter followers is relatively simple; gaining followers in your target audience is where things get a bit tricky.

If you’re new to Twitter, the best place to start is to follow people that interest you. How do you find out who is on Twitter that interests you? Check for a “follow me on twitter” link or image on the blogs you read, the Flickr photostreams you follow, and other places you’re already frequenting, including profiles of sellers that interest you on ArtFire andEtsy. Chances are at least a few of those people are on Twitter. I would also suggest checking out celebrities like Martha Stewart, or brands and shows you love. There’s no harm in having some fun while being productive!"....

To keep reading my article please visit the Handmade News Marketing Department where it was first published.

Handmadenews.org is officially here! What's HandmadeNews.org you ask? Well, it's a free online "newspaper" just for crafty people! There is so much helpful content I don't even know where to start! 

The columns include:

Each column will have you inspired and is sure to help you with your craft business! I write for the Marketing Department and work with such a great team! I couldn't ask for a better job or for better co-workers. Each of us has a speciality and we can't wait to share all our tips, tricks and secrets with our readers :) .. and even though I write for the site, I'm constantly inspired and encouraged by the other 40 writers and can't get enough of the content! Each has a speciality that I don't, so I'm constantly learning. I often send more time than I had planned writing through all the content he he. There are just so much useful information, especially if you're trying to get your craft business off the ground. 

I'm apart of the "
Crazy Train" - a promotional initiative where everyone promotes the artist who is currently "riding the train". Today, Paula of The Broom Closet is riding the train! 

When I surfed over to Paul's shop, "The Broom Closet",  I was pleasantly surprised! She's got lots of goodies just wanting to be snapped up. My favourite piece is the cat shaped book!

Head on over to The Broom Closet to check out her other goodies or surf on over to her blog
I've been meaning to make a "marketing calendar" for some time now but it always ended up at the bottom of my to do list. Thankfully, Kristin Kline (a columnist for the Marketing Department of HandmadeNews.org), wrote an article recently and reminded me why I had "making a marketing calendar" on my to do list in the first place. 

The above picture is of my marketing calendar (I didn't put it off anymore after reading Kristin's article). 

The site I used to make mine was www.myfreecalendarmaker.com and I split my calendar up by week intervals so I have lots of room to write (and I could see the overview of each week on one page). Visit Kristin's article, "Make Your Own Marketing Calendar and Watch Your Sales Soar", to find out why a marketing calendar is a must and then have fun making your very own!  

"If you have researched how to increase your on-line sales, you’ve surely been told to start a blog. Blogging is a trend that has passed the test of time; I have even seen people’s “dogs” blogging.

Blogs can certainly increase traffic to your on-line shop, but traffic doesn’t always mean sales. You will have to work for your blog if you want it to work for you.

Blogs aren’t something to take lightly. They can be time consuming, and an out-of-date blog can damage your on-line presence. If you already feel pinched for time, this might not be the right time to start a blog (unless you’re ready to juggle your time even more)...."

To keep reading my article please visit the Handmade News Marketing Department where it was first published.

There's not a whole lot of change to share with you since last week but I took pictures to document my garden adventures anyways! 

I think the pepper plant and the tomato plant have grown a bit. The pepper plant is definitely standing up straighter. Other than that we only seem to be growth lots of fungi! lol! 

Oh, and I also couldn't resist showing of our doggies (what else was I supposed to entertain you with? hehe). 

Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have more "growth" to show you than just the ridiculous mushrooms :) 

During the month of May I'm featuring the "Super Resource List Series". These links are taken directly from my Safari Bookmarks! That's right, I'm sharing all my secrets with you he he. 

Watch for a new post every Monday

Here's the schedule:

Monday May 4Crafty Blogs
Monday May 11Blog Stuff
Monday May 18Twitter Stuff
Monday May 25Miscellaneous Resources


Here's a Mega List of all the Miscellaneous Resources I have bookmarked: 


Etsy Fee Calculator by Ryan Olbe
Etsy :: 25 Marketing tips to get your products moving!
tips for selling on etsy increasing sales and blogging
top 10 tips for newbie sellers on etsy
3 fixes for low views on etsy
Ultimate Newbie Guide 4 Etsy
Etsy :: LLDesign :: NEW---Etsy Seller Calculator 2009- Profit Loss Pricing - Excel Spreadsheet
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Guide To Etsy
Let's Ets - Tools for Etsy Sellers


Welcome to Goodreads
Technorati: Front Page
Picasa for Mac: Free download from Google
GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Slide - MySpace Slide Show Creator -- Photo Sharing For MySpace
Holiday Graphics
Craftzine.com blog: Ask CRAFT - New Weekly Column!
Search Engine Guide - Small Business Help for Website Promotion and Increased Search Engine Traffic
Website Marketing SEO Score Tool
The Importance of Google PageRank: A Guide For Small Business Executives
Internet Marketing Kit
Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
SoapCalc 9
Mashable | The Social Media Guide
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27 Web Site Marketing Ideas That Have Nothing to do with Google or SEO | Sparkplug CEO
An Introduction to Social Media Strategy and Socially Driven Content | Sparkplug CEO
Crafts Marketing Success Secrets
popurls® | the genuine aggregator for the latest web buzz
The To Do Wish List Group Research Project | Sparkplug CEO
WordPress Theme switching made easier - SEO Ladder
Trading Card Maker: Create a trading card from your digital photos
FeedBlitz - The Email Marketing Service for Blogs, Social Media and RSS
Main Page - EtsyWiki
Crafty Hosting - web hosting especially for crafters artists and small business
CutePDF - Create PDF for free, Free PDF Utilities, Edit PDF easily;.
Openzap - A steady stream of links from cool people using social networks
free samples canada
Project Wonderful How To
Project Wonderful
25 tips
Promotion on a budget
3zArt Land: My Daily Coffee & Promote Checklist
:: FoundHandmade :: Advertise Your Handmade Shop
10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know - Nettuts+
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Mailing Label PDF Generator.
Craft Submissions Magazines, Books and Publications
Marketing your Arts and Craft Site Offline
Magazines, Books and Publications
Country Sampler Craft Fair
Why and How to Unfollow People On Twitter | Singley's Blog Thoughts
Marketing Methods: Direct Marketing - Relationship Marketing - Advertising - Public Relations
On ArtFire, I'm not just a seller, but I'm also involved with a number of Guilds. Guilds are great way to meet other sellers while working towards a common goal. The goals for each Guild are specific to that particular Guild, but many are focused on promoting the member's shops. 

I'm the Guild Master for

 Guild Description:
A guild for artists who celebrate Halloween and all things spooky year around! Halloween just isn't one day in the year for us, it's a life style!
 Guild Mission:
To connect guys and ghouls together who love halloween and halloween culture. We will share ideas, techniques, and promote our shops together. We will connect like-minded people together and share our spook!

Other Guilds I'm involved with include:

 Guild Description:
Bloggers on Artfire - we blog about crafting, art, and selling online. Guild blog is at http://blogfireguild.blogspot.com. We''re on twitter too http://twitter.com/blogfire
Guild Mission:
To share, to help, to inspire.

Guild Description:
The Artfire RS Guild is open to all persons who use rubber stamps in their crafts and to rubber stamp suppliers.
Guild Mission:
Our mission is to foster new creative ideas in addion to connecting sellers with buyers. All members should be either buyers or sellers of handmade crafts that contain rubber stamped images or rubber stamping supplies.

Guild Description:
A Guild For Buyers & Sellers Of Art & Craft Supplies, Commercial, Vintage Or Handmade, All Are Welcome.
Guild Mission:
The Purpose Of This Guild Is To Connect Supply Buyers & Sellers Within The Artfire Community, To Provide A Place For Networking And To Cultivate Friendships.

Guild Description:
A community of crafters that enjoy working with paper to design and create greeting cards, embellishments, paper piecings, scrapbook layouts, altered art, bookbinding, and more. All paper crafting artists are welcome and encouraged to participate in our discussions and events. Blog:http://artfirepapercrafters.blogspot.com/ FlickR:http://www.flickr.com/groups/artfirepapercrafters/
Guild Mission:
Our goals are twofold: To support and inspire each other in our creative endeavors, and to provide a web presence to promote and share our work.

Guild Description:
Crafting For Animals Guild is a group of artists and crafters on Artfire.com who are dedicated to catering to the needs of animals by either creating and designing items for animals or by raising funds for charitable animal organizations.
Guild Mission:
The mission of the Crafting for Animals Guild is to provide a networking resource to animal lovers and to share each other''s love for animals


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