I've been meaning to make a "marketing calendar" for some time now but it always ended up at the bottom of my to do list. Thankfully, Kristin Kline (a columnist for the Marketing Department of HandmadeNews.org), wrote an article recently and reminded me why I had "making a marketing calendar" on my to do list in the first place. 

The above picture is of my marketing calendar (I didn't put it off anymore after reading Kristin's article). 

The site I used to make mine was www.myfreecalendarmaker.com and I split my calendar up by week intervals so I have lots of room to write (and I could see the overview of each week on one page). Visit Kristin's article, "Make Your Own Marketing Calendar and Watch Your Sales Soar", to find out why a marketing calendar is a must and then have fun making your very own!  

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