Handmadenews.org is officially here! What's HandmadeNews.org you ask? Well, it's a free online "newspaper" just for crafty people! There is so much helpful content I don't even know where to start! 

The columns include:

Each column will have you inspired and is sure to help you with your craft business! I write for the Marketing Department and work with such a great team! I couldn't ask for a better job or for better co-workers. Each of us has a speciality and we can't wait to share all our tips, tricks and secrets with our readers :) .. and even though I write for the site, I'm constantly inspired and encouraged by the other 40 writers and can't get enough of the content! Each has a speciality that I don't, so I'm constantly learning. I often send more time than I had planned writing through all the content he he. There are just so much useful information, especially if you're trying to get your craft business off the ground. 
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