During the month of May I'm featuring the "Super Resource List Series". These links are taken directly from my Safari Bookmarks! That's right, I'm sharing all my secrets with you he he. 

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Here's the schedule:

Monday May 4Crafty Blogs
Monday May 11Blog Stuff
Monday May 18Twitter Stuff
Monday May 25Miscellaneous Resources


Here's a Mega List of all the Miscellaneous Resources I have bookmarked: 


Etsy Fee Calculator by Ryan Olbe
Etsy :: 25 Marketing tips to get your products moving!
tips for selling on etsy increasing sales and blogging
top 10 tips for newbie sellers on etsy
3 fixes for low views on etsy
Ultimate Newbie Guide 4 Etsy
Etsy :: LLDesign :: NEW---Etsy Seller Calculator 2009- Profit Loss Pricing - Excel Spreadsheet
increase yoru etsy shop traffic
Guide To Etsy
Let's Ets - Tools for Etsy Sellers


Welcome to Goodreads
Technorati: Front Page
Picasa for Mac: Free download from Google
GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Slide - MySpace Slide Show Creator -- Photo Sharing For MySpace
Holiday Graphics
Craftzine.com blog: Ask CRAFT - New Weekly Column!
Search Engine Guide - Small Business Help for Website Promotion and Increased Search Engine Traffic
Website Marketing SEO Score Tool
The Importance of Google PageRank: A Guide For Small Business Executives
Internet Marketing Kit
Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
SoapCalc 9
Mashable | The Social Media Guide
Yahoo! Avatars
Bravenet Web Tools
ImageShack® - Image Hosting
Arts and Crafts Business Starting and Running a Successful Craft Business
How I organize myself in my Craft Business: Part 1 - Paper Work | CraftBoom!
How I organize myself in my Craft Business: Part 2 - Time Management | CraftBoom!
How I organize myself in my Craft Business: Part 3 - Staying Seasonal | CraftBoom!
27 Web Site Marketing Ideas That Have Nothing to do with Google or SEO | Sparkplug CEO
An Introduction to Social Media Strategy and Socially Driven Content | Sparkplug CEO
Crafts Marketing Success Secrets
popurls® | the genuine aggregator for the latest web buzz
The To Do Wish List Group Research Project | Sparkplug CEO
WordPress Theme switching made easier - SEO Ladder
Trading Card Maker: Create a trading card from your digital photos
FeedBlitz - The Email Marketing Service for Blogs, Social Media and RSS
Main Page - EtsyWiki
Crafty Hosting - web hosting especially for crafters artists and small business
CutePDF - Create PDF for free, Free PDF Utilities, Edit PDF easily;.
Openzap - A steady stream of links from cool people using social networks
free samples canada
Project Wonderful How To
Project Wonderful
25 tips
Promotion on a budget
3zArt Land: My Daily Coffee & Promote Checklist
:: FoundHandmade :: Advertise Your Handmade Shop
10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know - Nettuts+
Quantcast - Home
chic chick advertising for women
getting more AF views from google searches
Royalty free stock images | Lightbox | iStockphoto.com
Mailing Label PDF Generator.
Craft Submissions Magazines, Books and Publications
Marketing your Arts and Craft Site Offline
Magazines, Books and Publications
Country Sampler Craft Fair
Why and How to Unfollow People On Twitter | Singley's Blog Thoughts
Marketing Methods: Direct Marketing - Relationship Marketing - Advertising - Public Relations
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