Every month I like to run a fun series. Every Monday I post a new blog entry in the featured series. Last month, I featured the "Super Resource List Series" which included a current look at my personal bookmarks for Crafty Blogs, Other Blog Stuff, Twitter Resources, and Misc Resources. If you missed last month's series, you missed out on some great resources! Don't worry though, you can follow the links above and get in the loop :)

This month my feature series is called "My Artist Studio Series: A Closer Look at Where I Work". I really hope other people share their work spaces too because I love to see where other people get creative. BTW, Flickr has some great artsy workspaces.

This week I'm letting you have a peek at the window in my studio and all the goodies it holds. My Plurk and Twitter friends already had a sneak peek but now I'll show you even more! 

Above is an overview of the window and my beloved curtains in all  their glory! As many of you know, I'm a HUGE "The Nightmare Before Christmas" fan and basically celebrate Halloween all year long.

Above is a closer look at the goodies that live on the window cill. 2 of my TNBC mugs that arrived broken in the mail (2 others arrived safely and we use them often), NES Super Mario Brothers toys (Princess Peach and a Chain Chomp), a Christmas decoration (see below), a photo frame of my dog and I, and my black rose in a sweet holder (see below).

And you thought I only celebrated Halloween all year long! Although I don't go "all out" for Christmas like I do for Halloween, I do celebrate Christmas in my own little (morbid) way, he he. Above is the only Christmas decoration that stays out all year long. It's a "Living Deadarium X-mas Edition: Candy Rot" that I purchased on Etsy from "BlackthornCreations". It is one of my purchases from Etsy. 

Above is a closer look at my black rose being "held" by my favourite "vase" hehe. I got both of them a few years ago at Michael's.  


Check out another area of my studio next Monday!

Until then, please share your studio space :)
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