I am excited to share this update with you because things are actually happening now! When I went out to the garden this weekend things had really changed! What was once just a patch of dirt, now has things sprouting up all over the place!  

That's right, a raccoon attack! I couldn't figure out what (or whom) was digging up my onion bulbs. The onion bulbs were all sitting on top of the dirt earlier in the week and there was what looked like "hand marks" in the dirt around them. I knew it wasn't our dogs because if they had dug them up ... 1) I would have been surprised because they aren't "diggers".. and 2) they wouldn't have been so neat about it ha ha. Later that night, while sitting on the deck, my hubby saw the big masked bandit coming out of one of the big trees on our property to make his move! We caught the onion disturber red handed! He must have been spooked to realize that my hubby was watching him because he hasn't been back since!

There looks like a good amount of growth with the pepper plant and the tomato plant. No food yet though. 

Of course the fungi is still growing more than anything else ha ha!
4 Responses
  1. Ailurophile Says:

    What beautiful pictures. Love your blog, and it's great to meet another animal lover. Glad that the raccoon hasn't been back yet..

  2. Carol Says:

    Your garden is lovley. Bunnies ate mine the year I tried, so I gave up. Too frustrating. Now I have to stalk the farmer's markets....

  3. coltpixy Says:

    You've received a blog award... http://coltpixy.com/2009/06/one-lovely-blog-award.html

  4. Sharrie Says:

    I love your garden pictures, how fun!


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