We had some really weird weather around here in the last week. It's been rainy, then cold, then hot, then rain cold and hot! The onions didn't seem to mind though. They still seem to be growing great! I have really seen some major growth from them in the last week!  I wish I could say the same for the pumpkin patch! I was excited to see it starting to grow last week but now there doesn't seem to be any signs of anything happening. Just a big patch of dirt :(  Any body have any suggestions for helping my poor pumpkin seeds grow? I'll be utterly disappointed if the pumpkin patch is the only thing that fails to grow! 

Oh, and on a side note, while I was taking these pictures the old man next door sprayed me with water!!! He was supposedly water his garden but it's pretty hard to believe that "watering his garden" means spraying water OVER the fence into someone else's yard --- more than just our yard actually -- on to ME!... I said "I'd prefer not to be watered!" .. He scowled at me and started water some hedge on the other side of his yard. The dogs were between me and the water so I think he was actually trying to spray them. He's still ticked off from last week when he was peeking over into our yard and got startled by Noel letting him know that peeping toms are not welcome around here! LOL! Good old Noel, always on the look out so she can alert us of any creepers!  
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  1. Beautiful blog! and your doggies are great....

  2. I'm not sure what part of the US you are..so my advice might not help but...I would wait a few more days. Then plant more seeds.

    Also, how big is that pepper/ Tomato pot? Seems too small for the tomatoes. I might be wrong.

    One more thing, it's been my experience not to put peppers and tomatoes together. Tomatoes like dryer soil and peppers like to have wet soil.

    Again, I am speaking for my area.
    Yours might be different.

    Great Blog, by the way!!!!

  3. Jamie Says:

    Hey Susan,

    Yes, I need to replant one of those plants into another pot. I'm just waiting for the pot :)

    Also, I'm not in the states at all haha. I live in Canada :)


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