Every month I like to run a fun series. Every Monday I post a new blog entry in the featured series. Last month, I featured the "Super Resource List Series" which included a current look at my personal bookmarks for Crafty BlogsOther Blog StuffTwitter Resources, and Misc Resources. If you missed last month's series, you missed out on some great resources! Don't worry though, you can follow the links above and get in the loop :)

This month my feature series is called "My Artist Studio Series: A Closer Look at Where I Work". I really hope other people share their work spaces too because I love to see where other people get creative. BTW, Flickr has some great artsy workspaces.

Last week I showed you the window in my studio and all the goodies that it holds. This week I'll be sharing a corner of the studio that holds the majority of my art supplies. 

Above is one of my bulletin boards where I post all the orders I need to fill. I also have a few tools that I use a lot, business cards, return mailing labels, a few other notes (like a supply list), die cut examples, and stamps. There are also a few other goodies attached to it at the moment - bat templates and a bat mobile that I still need to assemble. 

Above is a close-up of "Zero" on my TNBC calendar. 

Above is a picture where I store a lot of my craft supplies. In the first tower (on the left), the bottom red basket holds my solid coloured cardstock. The middle holds tools, glitter, ink, etc. The top basket holds embellishments for paper crafts (yes, I actually have a whole basket JUST for embellishments haha). The very top of this tower holds some finished cards and those glittery Christmas tree embellishments because they wont fit into the basket right now. In the next tower, the bottom red basket holds all my die cuts and embossing folders (it's currently overflowing!). The next red basket hold all my gocco supplies (bulbs, drying racks, master screens). Next, there is a red basket full of new supplies that I'm using for an extra special project :). Next, the tower on the right, has our "junk drawer" on the bottom, a tup of all my ribbon, and my Big Shot machine on top of that.  

Above is a close up of that extra special project I mentioned above. I bet you can guess what I'm up to now :) 


Check out another area of my studio next Monday!

Until then, please share your studio space :)
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