*you support local creativity
*homemade goods are better for the environment
*homemade goods are made just for you
*giving homemade goods shows you put that extra effort into finding something for the special someone
*a lot of homemade goods are cruelty free
*a lot of homemade goods are one of a kind, homemade goods are something special because they aren't available to mass amounts of people at a big box store

... if you haven't yet, you really should!  It's the quickest growing handmade artist community on the web right now!  I have absolutely fallen in love with the Art Fire community and have turned my focus away from etsy and on to Art Fire. I feel that Art Fire is a MUCH better community for me and the tools for the verified members are out of this world! They have really thought through the needs of the sellers and buyers on the community. ... and i gotta tell you, i was completely devoted to etsy but after giving Art Fire a serious look i can't go back to focusing all my attention on etsy knowing that there's something better out there (in my opinion). I will continue to keep my etsy shop open, but most of my products and efforts will be focus on Art Fire. If you love the handmade artist community and the wonderful things they create i highly recommend that you check out Art Fire! You'll be so glad you did - especially around Christmas time when you're looking for those perfectly unique gifts! I can't say enough good things about Art Fire but I'll send this post before I start boring you all! ha ha. Just go check out all the goodies over there! Happy hunting!!!

P.S. if you want to get on board with Art Fire I would suggest doing it now! They have an amazing deal on right now and after all the "$7 Deal" verified membership are gone, you'll surely regret not getting in there before they were gone! 

a birthday card for sara, originally uploaded by She's Batty.

st patty's day is right around the corner! i'm getting ready in the studio so watch the etsy shop for st patrick's day goodies!

Up until recently my online presence has been close to non-existent because I have taken on a contract at an animals shelter 7 hours away from where I live! I've been at the shelter since August and my contract is up in May. I was previously an Animal Care Attendant and then took on the Volunteer & Humane Education Coordinator position at this "far away shelter". I really REALLY love my job - helping to give animals a second chance doesn't seem like work at all! The only downside about my job (aside from being 7 hours away from my husband and 2 of our dogs - we have 3 dogs , i bring one up north as the "canine educator" for the shelter - she teaches kids how to be safe around the dogs, how to be kind to animals, etc)... is that although I "work" 40 hours a week, i "volunteer" hours on top of that - it's hard to say no when your time and energy is going to such a great cause! I'm also working towards a BA in psychology - i decided to take on the coordinator job at the shelter rather than going back to university full time to finish my 3rd year. I'm taking part time distance studies instead which consists of 2 courses a semester. Needless to say I barely have time to even REVIEW the material before my exams let alone FOCUS on the classes - the animal shelter just takes up so much time - it's all so worth it though. I'm working hard to create balance now that I'm a bit more settled in my job. I come home to see my husband and dogs every other weekend - you can be sure that no homework, or online work gets done when I finally get to see them - but when i'm not traveling home, doing homework, or putting in time with the animals, I'm trying to stay relevant online. It's my goal for the next few weeks to really get a handle on my etsy team commitments as well as the commitment i've made to my art work.

I hope all is well with everyone!
To see what's been going on at the shelter i'm at check out the blog: http://renfrewcountyospca.blogspot.com/

There are multiple things I would like to work on in 2009. A lot of it seems to be on hold until I return home in May... and it seems I had new ideas to my list every week! I think that's where my first goal comes in - be realistic about the amount of things i can get done in a given month or year. If we aren't realistic with how much we can actually accomplish in a given amount of time we only set ourselves up for defeat and disappointment. With that being said, don't give up or slack off! Make a plan - just keep the plan realistic. Which brings me to my second goal - make a plan! It's hard to make a definite plan right now because come May (when my "day job" contract is up) I don't know where i'll be working or what i'll be doing. I would love to do the etsy thing full time but i don't think it's financially possible right now. i guess i'll re-evaluate that in may though. It's hard to take the jump into etsy full time if you don't know FOR SURE that it will pay off - i guess that's the risk involved - but it sure pays off for some people doesn't it? I think my third goal, which is tied into goal 2 is that i would like to organize all the ideas i would like to try because many of them are in different mediums and/or techniques that i haven't tried yet.

Join today if you'd like :)

spring is right around the corner ... and that means it's going to be baby season in no time!.. whatever time than now to stock up on baby related stuff?? you know you'll need to make or buy cards for all those showers and parties - why not start now? :)

this card has such a great message!


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