Up until recently my online presence has been close to non-existent because I have taken on a contract at an animals shelter 7 hours away from where I live! I've been at the shelter since August and my contract is up in May. I was previously an Animal Care Attendant and then took on the Volunteer & Humane Education Coordinator position at this "far away shelter". I really REALLY love my job - helping to give animals a second chance doesn't seem like work at all! The only downside about my job (aside from being 7 hours away from my husband and 2 of our dogs - we have 3 dogs , i bring one up north as the "canine educator" for the shelter - she teaches kids how to be safe around the dogs, how to be kind to animals, etc)... is that although I "work" 40 hours a week, i "volunteer" hours on top of that - it's hard to say no when your time and energy is going to such a great cause! I'm also working towards a BA in psychology - i decided to take on the coordinator job at the shelter rather than going back to university full time to finish my 3rd year. I'm taking part time distance studies instead which consists of 2 courses a semester. Needless to say I barely have time to even REVIEW the material before my exams let alone FOCUS on the classes - the animal shelter just takes up so much time - it's all so worth it though. I'm working hard to create balance now that I'm a bit more settled in my job. I come home to see my husband and dogs every other weekend - you can be sure that no homework, or online work gets done when I finally get to see them - but when i'm not traveling home, doing homework, or putting in time with the animals, I'm trying to stay relevant online. It's my goal for the next few weeks to really get a handle on my etsy team commitments as well as the commitment i've made to my art work.

I hope all is well with everyone!
To see what's been going on at the shelter i'm at check out the blog: http://renfrewcountyospca.blogspot.com/

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