There are multiple things I would like to work on in 2009. A lot of it seems to be on hold until I return home in May... and it seems I had new ideas to my list every week! I think that's where my first goal comes in - be realistic about the amount of things i can get done in a given month or year. If we aren't realistic with how much we can actually accomplish in a given amount of time we only set ourselves up for defeat and disappointment. With that being said, don't give up or slack off! Make a plan - just keep the plan realistic. Which brings me to my second goal - make a plan! It's hard to make a definite plan right now because come May (when my "day job" contract is up) I don't know where i'll be working or what i'll be doing. I would love to do the etsy thing full time but i don't think it's financially possible right now. i guess i'll re-evaluate that in may though. It's hard to take the jump into etsy full time if you don't know FOR SURE that it will pay off - i guess that's the risk involved - but it sure pays off for some people doesn't it? I think my third goal, which is tied into goal 2 is that i would like to organize all the ideas i would like to try because many of them are in different mediums and/or techniques that i haven't tried yet.
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