... if you haven't yet, you really should!  It's the quickest growing handmade artist community on the web right now!  I have absolutely fallen in love with the Art Fire community and have turned my focus away from etsy and on to Art Fire. I feel that Art Fire is a MUCH better community for me and the tools for the verified members are out of this world! They have really thought through the needs of the sellers and buyers on the community. ... and i gotta tell you, i was completely devoted to etsy but after giving Art Fire a serious look i can't go back to focusing all my attention on etsy knowing that there's something better out there (in my opinion). I will continue to keep my etsy shop open, but most of my products and efforts will be focus on Art Fire. If you love the handmade artist community and the wonderful things they create i highly recommend that you check out Art Fire! You'll be so glad you did - especially around Christmas time when you're looking for those perfectly unique gifts! I can't say enough good things about Art Fire but I'll send this post before I start boring you all! ha ha. Just go check out all the goodies over there! Happy hunting!!!

P.S. if you want to get on board with Art Fire I would suggest doing it now! They have an amazing deal on right now and after all the "$7 Deal" verified membership are gone, you'll surely regret not getting in there before they were gone! 
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