My gardening adventures haven't been a total failure so far. Just a half failure. Half of everything I planted is now long gone. We had a few cold spells so I'm sure it was that and not my gardening skills ;) hehe..

The pumpkins are the only thing growing outside right now besides weeds! They are the thing that I will be upset over if I don't get some pumpkins in time for Halloween so thankfully they seem to be doing ok. See picture below....

The tomato and pepper plants are growing really well inside. You will remember from a few weeks ago we brought them inside when we were having that cold weather. The tomato plant just keeps growing and growth but no tomatoes yet. My mom came over and told us about "suckers" so we pulled a few of those off the plant. The pepper plant has a few white flowers on it now so I'm keeping a close eye on those to see if any peppers come from them.
I'm starting to realize that gardening is a hobby that is just too slow for me. I've some what lost interest in it already because I'm not the most patient of people. If it wasn't for the plants being in the studio I would probably forget to water them. The pumpkin plants have got lots of rain lately so I haven't had to worry about watering them. I think not having to water the pumpkins is the only thing that I like rain for. ha!

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