"Marketing is sometimes looked at as a dull and painful process. There are facts to learn, strategies to put in place, and activities to track. While marketing may never shake its snooze factor for some, you can take a much different approach. You can actually thoroughly enjoy this “must do” process for your handmade business!

The key to making marketing more manageable is often the perspective you take. Handmade artisans have the upper hand on this one! All they need to do is harness their creative energy in a “marketing minded” direction.

To be successful at marketing two key components are needed, knowledge and creativity. Since knowledge about the latest marketing trends and strategies are readily available, the knowledge component can be obtained with a little bit of research. On the other hand, the creative component is much harder to obtain. Creativity is often a skill or characteristic that one is born with. Handmade artisans figured out somewhere along their journey that they process this valuable tool. The great thing about creativity is the variety it comes in. It can take any shape and be manipulated to work to the artisan's advantage, especially with marketing. After actively working on the knowledge component of marketing and getting a good handle on what goals the artist wants to achieve, they can start to use their creativity to make those goals a reality! The more creativity used the better because that’s what will stand out from the crowd.........."

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