This week's Freaky Friday Feature is a few of my spooky mugs! I never intended to collect spooky halloween-ish mugs but it seems I have a collection nonetheless! Here are a few of my favorites....

"Freaky Friday Feature" is a weekly feature on my blog for all the "Hallo-weenies" out there that share my love for creep-tastic finds! If you have any ghoulish goodies that you'd like to see featured on a "Freaky Friday Feature" post, don't be shy and leave a comment on any of the "Freaky Friday Feature" blog posts. You never know, I might just use your suggestion ;)
2 Responses
  1. Sneddonia Says:

    Gorgeous mugs! I love Halloween stuff :)

  2. TiLT Says:

    love the mugs - especially those last black & white ones!

    btw - tagged you :)


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