"If you missed Part 1 of “Twitter Follow to Followers Ratio Explained and Why You Need to Know”, take a minute to review the ratio explanation to address the “Follow” side of your ratio. If you feel you have the “Follow” side under control, it’s time to discuss the “Follower” side to the equation. More often than not, you’ll be following more people than are following you.

If your ratio is rarely close to 1, you probably don’t need to do anything at this point. Just be sure to check in every now and again to see where your ratio is at. For the times when you clearly need to get things under control, here are a few simple solutions you can use to get your ratio back to a reasonable number.

First, figure out how many people you’re actually following. By this I mean how many people do you follow that actually contribute content you’re interested in. Some of the people you’re following may not even be updating their Twitter accounts or have closed them all together! Twitoria is a good resource to find out if the people you're following have been active on Twitter in the last week, 2 weeks, month, and so on......"

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