I've got a goal! Check out the image above to see what it is! I know I've "bulked up" a bit over the last while so I've decided it's time to nip it in the butt now before this "bulking up" turns into a real problem (like by the time the wedding rolls around)! I'd rather slim down now and "maintain" rather than have to work out like a crazy women right before the wedding.

To help me keep on this goal I found a wicked twitter app! It's called "Tweet What You Eat" but it also tracks your exercise habits and weight loss goal. I figure if there's one system that's going to keep me organized, it's going to be a twitter app!

I'm also hoping that after another visit to the doctor (in a week and a half) that I'll be feeling well enough to actually exercise. I've been in a nasty flare up (combined with horrible nausea) since the beginning of December so I'm really looking forward to feeling better soon - fingers crossed everyone!
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