I just stumbled across some amazingly gothic dresses on Etsy! They are from "Romantic Threads". Definitely check out this shop if you get the chance. If I didn't already have a white wedding dress, I'd be getting one of these FOR SURE! Here are my absolute favorites:

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  1. these are beyond amazing. They aren't my style at all but I can completely fall for the design and the time spent making these. I love that necklace in the 2nd set of pictures!!!

  2. Thats my fav too! I love how well made they are! That would take me days maybe even weeks, to do myself!

  3. DK Miller Says:

    What beautiful dresses!!!

  4. *GAH!* I have yet to put my jaw back on after it fell to the floor. I want!!!
    So gorgeous, I love them all. I would wear them just to go grocery shopping if I could get them...after all, what is the point of having fabulous dresses if you can't make an every day occasion spectacular??
    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


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