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Name: Heather Hertziger

Location: Watertown, Wisconsin

Shop Name & URL: Heather Designs,

Tell me a bit about your shop: My shop currently features lampwork beads and jewelry handmade by me. Soon it will also include some oil paintings I have done as well.

Tell me a bit about you: I am a hot glass artist, jewelry designer, and oil painter. I am also a licensed esthetician and do facials, bodywraps, and body waxing.

What kinds of arts and crafts are you interested in? I think this would be a shorter list if I told you what I wasn't interested in :) I currently am in love with all forms of glass art, from making beads and fusing, to painting with glass enamels. I love metal clay as well. I also do some sewing, wire work, bead weaving, oil painting, encaustic painting, and mixed media art.

What inspires you? I can be inspired by anything. The muddy tracks my puppy leaves on the kitchen floor may inspire a painting, while a bolt of fabric at the store may inspire a set of beads.
Name a few of your favs (can be food, colours, movies, etc): My favorite colors are jewel tones, I use lots of bold blues, greens, and purples in my art. I also love things that are fun to touch. I have hanks of seed beads just hanging around my studio so I can touch them and feel them slipping and sliding thru my fingers.

What are your goals for the next year for your shop? As of yet, I have had no sales, so that is obviously a goal for my shop :) My other goal is to add some of my paintings to the shop and maybe even prints of some of my art.

What marketing and promotion do you do? I have an email list that I will send special sales notices to (to sign up email me at I also announce sales on my blog and twitter. I am currently running a $5 off sale on all earrings in my ArtFire shop.

Do you get mostly online or offline business? Most of my business is online.
Tell me about a typical day in your life: I typically get up, after breakfast and a shower I will read some forums and twitter. After that I will get to work and either paint, make beads, make jewelry, or work on photographing and listing items made previously. Then I take a break to make dinner and will often work on some sort of jewelry design or marketing after dinner.

Are you in any guilds? I am in the We Love ArtFire, ArtFire Glass Guild, BlogFire, SRAJD Members, and Social Marketing Artisans/Esmarts on ArtFire guilds.

Where can we find you around the web?

My personal site -
My ArtFire -
My 1000 Markets -
My blog -
My skin care blog -

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Listing FeeNoneNone.20
Shop BannerYesYesYes
Custom URLYesYesYes
Google AnalyticsYesYesYes
Global Shipping ProfilesYesYesYes
Social Media Promotion ToolYesYesYes
Social Media Resource LibraryYesYes 
Real Time StatisticsYesYes 
Instant FlaggingYesYes 
Categories Displayed Randomly
(No Relisting Needed)
Fast, Clear Checkout ProcessYesYes 
Fast, Accurate Filtered Site SearchYesYes 
One Button RelistYesYes 
One Button VacationYesYes 
Sales ModeYesYes 
Green ImpactYesYes 
View Prices in Any CurrencyYesYes 
Google Base (Autofeed Every Item)YesYes 
Artisan CouncilsYes  
Artisan Profile with PhotoYes  
Market HubYes  
Site Participation Rewards (Artifacts)Yes  
Automated Markdown ManagerYes  
Rapid CartYes  
Customized Shop TemplateComing Soon  
Member Shop BlogsComing Soon  
Shop VideoComing Soon  
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