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Name: Heather Hertziger

Location: Watertown, Wisconsin

Shop Name & URL: Heather Designs,

Tell me a bit about your shop: My shop currently features lampwork beads and jewelry handmade by me. Soon it will also include some oil paintings I have done as well.

Tell me a bit about you: I am a hot glass artist, jewelry designer, and oil painter. I am also a licensed esthetician and do facials, bodywraps, and body waxing.

What kinds of arts and crafts are you interested in? I think this would be a shorter list if I told you what I wasn't interested in :) I currently am in love with all forms of glass art, from making beads and fusing, to painting with glass enamels. I love metal clay as well. I also do some sewing, wire work, bead weaving, oil painting, encaustic painting, and mixed media art.

What inspires you? I can be inspired by anything. The muddy tracks my puppy leaves on the kitchen floor may inspire a painting, while a bolt of fabric at the store may inspire a set of beads.
Name a few of your favs (can be food, colours, movies, etc): My favorite colors are jewel tones, I use lots of bold blues, greens, and purples in my art. I also love things that are fun to touch. I have hanks of seed beads just hanging around my studio so I can touch them and feel them slipping and sliding thru my fingers.

What are your goals for the next year for your shop? As of yet, I have had no sales, so that is obviously a goal for my shop :) My other goal is to add some of my paintings to the shop and maybe even prints of some of my art.

What marketing and promotion do you do? I have an email list that I will send special sales notices to (to sign up email me at I also announce sales on my blog and twitter. I am currently running a $5 off sale on all earrings in my ArtFire shop.

Do you get mostly online or offline business? Most of my business is online.
Tell me about a typical day in your life: I typically get up, after breakfast and a shower I will read some forums and twitter. After that I will get to work and either paint, make beads, make jewelry, or work on photographing and listing items made previously. Then I take a break to make dinner and will often work on some sort of jewelry design or marketing after dinner.

Are you in any guilds? I am in the We Love ArtFire, ArtFire Glass Guild, BlogFire, SRAJD Members, and Social Marketing Artisans/Esmarts on ArtFire guilds.

Where can we find you around the web?

My personal site -
My ArtFire -
My 1000 Markets -
My blog -
My skin care blog -

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