I'm looking for fellow Art Fire artisans to feature. If you would like to apply for a feature please email me (shesbattydesigns@hotmail.com) the answers to questions below. Please note that I reserve the right to pick which items in your shop I want to feature on my blog. Thanks to everyone who enters! 

Shop Name & URL:
Tell me a bit about your shop:
Tell me a bit about you:
What kinds of arts and crafts are you interested in?
What inspires you?
Name a few of your favs (can be food, colours, movies, etc):
What are your goals for the next year for your shop?
What marketing and promotion do you do?
Do you get mostly online or offline business?
Tell me about a typical day in your life:
Are you in any guilds?
Where can we find you around the web?
Anything else?

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