Whacko Jacko Necklace, originally uploaded by beatblack.

Isn't this necklace totally awesome?!?! It totally screams " NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS" to me ... which we all know is a scream I can't ignore! Do you want to know what else it totally rad about this amazing creation? It's made by a fellow Canadian - Sarah of "Beat Black" on Etsy. She was also one of the wicked vendors at the Bizaar of the Bizarre (that creepy craft show I took part in back in October - see the blog archives or my flickr account for info and pix). Anyways, I just had to share one of her ghoulish creations with you, because after all, you know I'm not one to keep creative creepy finds to myself. Be sure to check out her shop for more awesome pieces (brains, zombies, or spider webs anyone?).

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