Can you believe we're starting another week already? The weekends go by far too fast! ... what even more crazy is that Christmas is only 3 weeks away! It feels like Halloween was just last week! I thought I'd share some of the my fav finds from the past week (that haven't already been posted on the blog). There's not too many favs to share this week and I fear there will be even less over the next 2 weeks because I officially start studying (i.e. cramming) for exams today. What's worse, I have some problems to sort out with my courses/degree requirements now. I'm not pleased and totally stressed out over these "problems" hopefully they will get sorted out this week but I doubt it will be that quick of a fix. At least my craft shows are done for the year. I'm looking forward to working on new products after exams :)

Ok, enough rambling.. on with what you're here for - eye candy!

(above) What a perfect little pink house :)

(above) ... it's so true! Once you've been spoiled with handmade goods it's so hard not to support the handmade movement!

(above) such a pretty, sweet, and delicious looking tattoo :)

(above) I bet this will look awesome when it's done!

Aren't these awesome??? I LOVE them! There's a great tutorial here!

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  1. Nancy Says:

    Wow! Love the pink house and the colorful tattoo! Where did you find these lovelies? Don't stress too much...have a good week!


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