I participated in "Craft off the Lot 2009" last month and meet a lot of great artisans and crafters. One of those talent gals was Becky who makes handmade jewelry, soaps and scrubs. I had never bought handmade bath products before but I was totally intrigued by her foot scrub! At the end of the weekend I got some from her (along with 2 bars of handmade soap). My shower time has never been the same since! I actually LOOK FORWARD to having a shower now LOL! Her shop on etsy for her bath products isn't up yet but her new jewelry shop, "Behind the Cellar Door" is really doing well! I can't thank her enough for introducing me to the world of handmade bath products! I know have a goal of trying out this craft in the new year and can't wait!

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  1. oh no! watch out here comes your addiction to handmade bath and body products :P

    welcome to the club!


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