I participated in "Craft off the Lot 2009" last month and meet a lot of great artisans and crafters. One of those talent gals was Ky, the owner and multi-talented crafter behind "Ghost Ship" on etsy. Ky introduced me to "sea glass", something I had never heard of before. Yes, I'm thinking I might be sheltered lol. Either way, her works are beautiful and I LOVE the romantic feel to her pieces, her shop, and the mysteriously beautiful sea glass! The necklace I'm wearing above isn't sea glass but it's totally "me"!! I'm tough like a rock and am a sucker for anything with a skull and crossbones! By the end of the weekend she totally knew that I would love this piece and graciously handed to me while we were saying our goodbyes. I was equally delighted with the huge smile that came across her face when I gave her a card with a "Skeleton Captain" for her "Ghost Ship"! You can see a picture of this creepy, glow-in-the-card ghoul in my "paper creations" set on flickr.

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