I can't believe another week has gone by already! Time sure does fly when you're bring people the latest and greatest news in handmade marketing!

This week the Marketing Department saw more articles from our new columnists and we even GAINED another new columnist, Sue! Watch for Sue's first HMN articles soon!

I wanted to share with you all the awesome articles that got published last week in the Marketing Department. Here they are:

It's usually not polite to brag but in this article Jill shares why bragging can be a good thing! She also highlights some of the key points in Peggy Klaus new hit book "BRAG".

Some times the best strategy is to just give your handmade goods away! Sounds a bit crazy doesn't? Well, don't think we've lost our minds! Kristin fills us in on why donating your items can work as a successful marketing strategy! Reader be warned - you might end up giving all your currently made products away after reading this article :)

We all get burnt out from time to time but the cycle doesn't have to continue! Jill helps us break the cycle and get out of a rut! You make not feel burnt out now, but this article is definitely worth reading because you never know when you're going to need to know how to get out of that rut!

Do you long to have your works featured in a gallery? Many of us done and Jill help us make that dream a reality! If you've been wondering how to get your works out of your studio and into a gallery, this article is for you!

Libby's article will have you fired up and screaming from the roof tops about how great handmade products are! If you've embraced the handmade lifestyle you'll want to read this article! If you want your friends and family to enjoy the high quality and care that handmade goods provide, this article will help you learn how to spread the word!

Kristin shares the latest promotional tool to hit the handmade scene! This article is a must read if you want to keep your marketing fresh, fun and effective! Not only does Kristin let you know where you can get this latest promotional tool but she also fills you in on why it's so effective! This article is not to be missed.

Kelli has taken our department by storm with the first part of her guerilla marketing series! Guerilla marketing may not be new but it's certainly stood the test of time! Check out what guerilla marketing is and what you should be doing to make it work for your business.

Stay tuned to the Marketing Department of Handmade News to make sure you don't miss a single article! Your business depends on a few vital things and marketing is certainly one of them. We know you'll find something helpful every week from our team and can't wait to hear your feed back. If there is anything you would like to suggest we cover please drop me a line at jamies@handmadenew.org.
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  1. Sneddonia Says:

    Great articles there :) I'll have to have a proper look tomorrow when I'm more awake!


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