Can you believe another week is already over? I'm having troubles grasping the reality that August is almost over! One thing that I am grasping is all the latest in handmade marketing! The team of marketing department columnists that I lead at Handmade News has once again brought us the very latest news! There's no need to look anywhere else for help with marketing your Etsy or Artfire shop! These girls have you covered :)

Check out what they had for us in the last week at Handmade News, and don't forget to follow the marketing department on twitter, fan us on facebook and become our friend on myspace!

1. Google's New Wonder Wheel
has done it again! They have just released their new “Wonder Wheel” available on Google search right now. This can be a powerful brainstorming tool for so many things. Check out Libby's article to find out how the wonder wheel can work for you!

2. Preparing for Your First Gallery Show: A Checklist for Success
If you've scored yourself your very first gallery show let Jill help you prepare for it! In this article she provides you with all the info you'll need to make your first gallery show a smashing success!

3.Advertise Your Craft Business with Google and Others
Have you always wanted to know how to advertise with the "big guys" such as Google? Well now you can! Kristen shows you just have easy and stress free advertising with Google and others can be! Check out this article for great tips and a basic "how-to" to get you started!

4. Wists101: Building a Social Shopping Network
You may be wondering what Wists are! They are something you need to know about! If you haven't heard of them or haven't started using them, then you need to check out this article. Kelli breaks the mystery behind Wists down and gives you lots of helpful advice about how to use them to promote your handmade goods!

5.Tweetips for Handmade News
We know most of you have starting using Twitter to get the work out about your Etsy or Artfire shop, but have you used Twitalize to find out how you're doing? In Susan's first Handmade News article, she shows us how to assess our twitter progress easily with Twitalize! Don't miss this article if you're using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy.

6.Marketing in This Economy
We are all finding it hard to market our online shops with small (or no) marketing budget. Although times are tough, you can still successful market your shop and Kristen shows us how in this article. Even if you think you've got things covered and haven't felt the "pinch" that most of us have, this article is worth a look. It might just save you some money!

7.Postcards to get your name out!
Many of you have heard before that postcards are great marketing tools, but do you know why they are so effective? In this article Susan shows us exactly why postcards have been recommended time and time again. She even shares some postcard secrets like how to use them and where to get them from!

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  1. Thanks for posting all this great info. I tried the wists and that google wonder wheel is cool. Thanks again!


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