It's pretty safe to say that most of my "Garden Adventures" this year have been a flop! My cucumbers, onions, peas, and wildflowers all died... or didn't come up at all! Turns out that crazy Canadian weather + partial shade = nothing. ... or almost nothing. My pumpkin vines are still going. They are going considerably well compared to everything else lol. But it's easy for the pumpkin vines to look like they are doing so well next to dead plants and baron dirt! They aren't growing well enough yet for me to get my hopes up about getting actual pumpkins. If they are anything like the pepper plant and the tomato plant, all I'll get is vines. The pepper plant is still looking pretty good and has a few white flowers on it this week but it's not growing very fast at all. The tomato plant on the other hand is growing "like a bad weed" but not producing any tomatoes! It's just a big, unruly, useless plant. Sigh. Maybe I should just stick with crafting.
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  1. Lost Mitten Says:

    I think that planting in full sun is key... I am from Ontario and all of my veggies grew wonderfully this year, and all out of pots! I didn't know if I would have much success with a potted veg garden but I got lots of tomatoes, peppers, and onions. The pots were in full sun and seemed to grow really well. My sister planted a veggie garden and it gets some shade and nothing grew for her this year. So if you can, plant things in full sun for next year :) Best of luck with your pumpkins!!


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