"Once you have been using Twitter for a while you’ll start to notice people talking about the “follow to followers ratio”. Simply explained, this is the ratio between how many people you are following compared to how many people are following you.

This matters because other people on Twitter judge whether or not to follow you by your ratio, and because your ratio is also a judge of how well you’re contributing to the Twitter community. For example, many people will choose not to follow you if you’re following 500 people but only 5 are following you. Likewise, people will feel comfortable following you if your follow to followers ratio is closer to 1 (i.e. you’re following 500 and 500 people are following you).

From a marketing standpoint, you don’t need to stress over your ratio but you do need to pay attention to it every now and then. After all, if you’re using Twitter as part of your marketing plan (under social networking), you want to ensure that you (as a “tweeter”) are approachable and inviting. There’s nothing worse than scaring away a potential customer over something that can be easily fixed......."

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