You could win free original gocco cards from She's Batty Designs by simply adding a comment to this blog post about which graphics below you find most appealing. 

Let me know which graphics you are more likely to "click on" by commenting on this blog post and I'll add you into the draw for free original gocco cards!

If you would like more entries into the draw add an additional comment for each way you promoted this giveaway!

To sum it up, you'll get on entry for your original post about which graphics you like the best (top 5 please). After that you'll get one additional entry for EACH way you promoted this giveaway. For example, one for each plug on twitter, one for each plurk message, one for each blog entry, etc. Please be sure to include the links when you comment on this blog post :)

Don't forget to include a note about how I can contact you if you win!

The winner will be randomly drawn on June 26, 2009. Hopefully that will give everyone enough time to get a shot at winning! 

Ok, here goes.. let me know your top 5 picks out of these graphics.... 

20 Responses
  1. danidocrafty Says:

    Top 5:
    1. Stars in your hand
    2. Yellow Chick
    3. Snuggling Deers
    4. Wise Words with the Owl
    5. Glittering

    I really love all the Halloween-y ones, but unless it was right around the holiday I probably wouldn't click on them.

  2. My top 5 favorites


  3. my top five are based on the look as well as whether the customer would understand what you sell.

    i hope the link to your images will work






  4. Tamsie Says:

    My favorites are:
    1. The top one, with a gown.
    2. The yellow chick.
    3. The silhouettes near the bottom, holding purses.
    4. The rosebuds.
    5. The stars near the bottom, not in a hand.

  5. Merily Says:

    My top five:
    ~Bats on the bottom row
    ~The one with purple font, a bat, and it looks like "too cute to spook"
    ~the one holding the stars
    ~Pumpkin with "unique craft supplies"
    ~The mom and baby deer

    I think I like the halloweeny ones because they match your name. :)

  6. 1. Sunflower
    2. Bird
    3. Girls
    4. Reindeer
    5. Winter

    It was hard, I could have easily done a top ten. I do like the holiday ones, but I'd not click on them unless it was near that holiday. For all-year-round those first three are fantastic.

  7. Mitchypoo Says:

    I love the yellow chick one!

  8. I like the polaroid of piled up stars..a bit quirky and colorful..easy to read and good at all times of the year!

  9. Amy Says:

    1. Yellow bird on rust card
    2. Sunflower "Dwell in possibilities"
    3. cream colored lady's gown
    4. reindeer with green jacket
    5. ghost holding pumpking

    I love Halloween, too, and get that that's kind of your "theme", but your graphics featuring spiders, etc., don't really convey "craft supplies" to me. Tho I don't do scrapbooking or card making, I tried to look at your graphics as if I did! If that's the kind of supplies you sell, I think the images that show a card, or attractive arrangement, convey that best.

  10. 1)Shes Batty Designs 3 turtles
    2)Shes batty Designs Spider with Green back
    3)Shes Batty Designs Pink Rose
    4)Craft Supplies bats and spider background
    5)Shes batty Designs Craft Supplies pea pd and baby face

    Me too on the Halloweenies Would be my favorites too and the pumpkins ones are right up there as a fav Great Ads for July/August as Halloween approaches

  11. Jean Says:

    1. Brown/Blue dress/flower
    2. Love
    3. Spiders w/black & skull nail
    4. Dangling Spiders
    5. Wise Words Owl


  12. Aik Says:

    1. Glittering Snowflakes
    2. Valentine's Love
    3. Yellow Chick
    4. Best Friends - Rabbit
    5. Sunflower

    aikychien *at* yahoo *dot* com

  13. JennyStench Says:

    Most people picked their top 5, but I clicked away from the page and can only remember the 2 I liked the most.
    The Wise Words one. And the Mama Deer and baby Deer that says cute.

  14. Debi Says:

    The birdcage, bird and butterflies in blue and tan.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    1. winter
    2. girls
    3. corset
    4. chick
    5. shamrock

  16. Jodi Renshaw Says:

    OK .... here are my faves, in order:

    1. The Dropping Spider
    2. The Pirate Fingernails
    3. I Love Who Card
    4. The Wedding
    5. The Purple Hippo

    I hope this helps :)

    ~ Jodi

  17. Tina Holden Says:

    Thats tough, but my eyes wander and first 5 of the bat:
    1. Stars in your hand (oh ya)
    2. Long Gown
    3. 3 Turtles
    4. Bird with flower & leaf
    5. skulls on thumbnail with black spiders

  18. My Favorites...
    White Dress (top right)
    Dwell In Possibilities (Sunflower)
    Purple Fence
    Bat with Too Cute To Spook


  19. I plurked too!


  20. Ti Says:

    1) The one with three turtles.
    2) Sunflower. (it's nice but I don't think it shows what you're trying to sell very well, but I would probably click it...)
    3) The 'too cute' bat one.
    4) The gate one.
    5) The hairdrier/girls one.

    I'd like to suggest one more possibility for an ad for you: take the top five or so picks from this contest/poll you're doing, take off the text, and then put those together as an animation that cycles through those, and add one more frame that just says "She's Batty Designs: Unique Craft Supplies" with no background to complicate it. I think that might be the best way of showcasing the vast variety of awesome designs you have here, as well as the different interests many people have... some of us like bats, some like flowers, some like the Christmas designs, some like the girly designs, and you want to show that you do all of this in your ad. I feel a simple animation would be the most eyecatching way of showcasing this variety! If you can't animate but you're interested in trying this for an ad, feel free to email me and I'll animate it for you for free. Plus, animated ads are more eyecatching and usually perform better than non-animated ads. :) This is my experience advertising a webcomic, anyway.



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