Above - A few things that were created in my studio this week :)


Every month I like to run a fun series. Every Monday I post a new blog entry in the featured series. Last month, I featured the "Super Resource List Series" which included a current look at my personal bookmarks for Crafty Blogs, Other Blog Stuff, Twitter Resources, and Misc Resources. If you missed last month's series, you missed out on some great resources! Don't worry though, you can follow the links above and get in the loop :)

This month my feature series is called "My Artist Studio Series: A Closer Look at Where I Work". I really hope other people share their work spaces too because I love to see where other people get creative. BTW, Flickr has some great artsy workspaces.

Last week I showed you what's next to all the craft supplies in my ikea storage solution. This week I'll be showing you some of the goodies by my wooden work table.

Above is the other bulletin board in my studio. It's a "just for fun" space right now. It has lots of pictures and other goodies (can you spot the spider tattoos?).

Above is a few orders that I was processing when I took these pictures :)

Above is my little stash of post it notes, note cards, markers, pens, and pencils.


Check out another area of my studio next Monday!

Until then, please share your studio space :)
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