Above is a look at what was going on in my studio on Friday! This is what I saw for most of the day! I got a lot of done though. I can't wait to share all my new creations. Drew is building me a light box so when that is done I'll be sure to upload all my new goodies to my shop ... that is the goodies that all my "offline" friends don't get to first - one of the perks to being an "offline friend" - they get to all my goodies before anyone online ever sees them! ha ha.

Ok, now on with the Monday series...

Every month I like to run a fun series. Every Monday I post a new blog entry in the featured series. Last month, I featured the "Super Resource List Series" which included a current look at my personal bookmarks for Crafty Blogs, Other Blog Stuff, Twitter Resources, and Misc Resources. If you missed last month's series, you missed out on some great resources! Don't worry though, you can follow the links above and get in the loop :)

This month my feature series is called "My Artist Studio Series: A Closer Look at Where I Work". I really hope other people share their work spaces too because I love to see where other people get creative. BTW, Flickr has some great artsy workspaces.

Last week I shared a corner of the studio that holds the majority of my art supplies. This week I'll be showing you what's next to all the craft supplies in my ikea storage solution.

Above is where I store finished cards, die cuts, extra paper, some of my stamps, office supplies, packing supplies, etc.

Above is a few of my "Stampin' Around" stamps and my Halloween take-out containers that hold even more stamps.

Above is some of my promotional supplies and even more Halloween take-out containers! I couldn't just have one - when I found them I had to get at least a few of every design he he.

Above is a picture of my paper punches. They are on the floor because I've run out of room! I really need to get some shelves put up.


Check out another area of my studio next Monday!

Until then, please share your studio space :)
4 Responses
  1. you are too neat unlike any other artisan I have ever known...LOL...one day you,too will work at your kitchen table and have stacks of supplies,etc. which look disorganized,but you will know the contents of each pile!

    nice work arrangement....

    peek out my emergency sale which ends now Fri. June 19...deep deep discounts



  2. WillowWalker Says:

    I'm giving you a blogger award. You can view it here, http://willowwalkerdesigns.blogspot.com/

  3. oooooo! lots of stuff to play with. i love seeing other people's workspaces.

  4. Carol Says:

    Girl, you truly out clutter me. But I love some of the stuff you have. I wish we lived closer. Smile. Creativity has to be messy to be great. That is at least what I say to me.


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