I had the honor of interviewing Shelly of The Lemon Tree Studio. Shelly is a stay at home mom who has a passion for paper and over 2350 online sales since February of 2008! I asked Shelly to share some of the marketing strategies that make her shop so successful! It was clear to see that when it all comes down to it, having stellar customer service and a unique, fresh product line goes a long way!

Here's a peak at that interview....

"What “online” marketing strategies are you currently using?

Right now I do not do as much as I should! I use Google Analytics to observe and "watch" my traffic so to speak, I blog, I cross-market with one other seller on Etsy, I will sometimes visit the forums on Etsy and I do participate in giveaways and promos on other blogs that request so - But that about it for now......"

Read the whole interview with Shelly at HandmadeNews.org in the Marketing Department where it was originally published.

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