The pepper plant (shown above) is doing really well! So is the tomato plant, it's grow a lot since the last update - I even had to "stake it up". 

Progress with the onions and pea pods. The cucumbers are supposed to be where that bare patch is. A few things have sprouted there but nothing has happened since. I'm wondering if the cold weather got to them.

I have two little sprouts like this in the pumpkin patch. I'm glad at least something is growing in there but not as much as I expected. So, just in case I got some more seeds (see below).

Since I think a lot of my pumpkin seeds where killed by the cold we had, we picked another pack of seeds. I decided to go with the pros advice and do some "germination" he he. They are now soaking up all the sun in my studio window for a few days. 
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