Animal cruelty conviction results in first lifetime ownership ban for Barrie woman under new animal protection law

Barrie, ON (April 30, 2009) - Animals across the province had a victory in a Barrie courtroom this week as the first ever lifetime ban on animal ownership in Ontario was handed out to a local woman convicted of animal cruelty. Patricia Hoel, a resident of the Township of Clearview, has been convicted under the Criminal Code of Canada in a case involving the breeding and sale of Shih Tzu puppies and Persian cats through a retail website. Hoel also received three years probation with Ontario SPCA inspection rights and 240 hours of community service. She must also attend an animal empathy course and pay $1,500 in restitution to the Society. Recent changes to Criminal Code penalties have resulted in the removal of the limit of a potential two year ban on animal ownership.

To keep reading this press release, please see the official press release from the Ontario SPCA.

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