I found a summery of 14 tips to increase your craft show sales! As someone who is a vendor at a craft show almost every weekend, I can tell you that I eat these posts of up like crazy! But to be honest, it usually boils down to be being friendly, approachable, and helpful! Not to say that this post doesn't have some excellent tips, because it definitely does - I'm just saying, keep it simple and remember the basics about customer service and you're sure to go a long way :)

Here's a quick recap of the tips from this article, but be sure to head over to the article to see more information about each tip.

1. Stand (rather than sit).. I don't full agree with this point because some craft shows are relaxed, laid back festivals and if you're standing and looming over your tables all the time you'll actually scare people away! Feel out the crowd and go from there :)
2. Smile
3. Display a credit card sign
4. Don't act like a clerk in a department store
5. Engage people
6. Don't be pushy
7. No gossiping
8. Customers come 1st
9. Share your craft
10. Make it easy for shoppers
11. Offer differing price points
12. Look legit
13. Be genuine
14. Be professional

... most of these can be summed up by saying be yourself, make sure you get enough sleep before the day of the show and do as much as possible to prepare ahead of time so you don't feel stress out and grumpy the day of, bring snacks (I always feel more social with a full belly hehe), and have a professional, well put together display. If you're looking for ideas for booth displays, there's several groups on flickr just for craft show displays! Check out the list of groups I'm in to scout some of them out.

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  1. Great tips! Now I need to get to some craft shows :)


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