Etsy's application directory showcases useful and interesting applications built upon the Etsy API. Be sure to check the official Etsy application directory every once and a while for new features!

  • Heartomatic

    The Heartomatic provides a set of tools to Etsy sellers showing who is "hearting" you or your items. The tool also lets you compare such information over a period of time. We also recently added a search feature to see if you've been featured in a Etsy gift guide or on the Etsy home page. Read more about Craftcult on Etsy's blog, The Storque.

  • EtsyHacks

    The EtsyHacks website is a collection of tools that add extra features for Etsy sellers. They include a calculator to work out the current value of your Etsy shop, a tool that allows you to download your shop data in different formats, and a number of browser add-ons to optimize the selling experience on Etsy. Read more about EtsyHacks on Etsy's blog, The Storque.

  • SoopSee

    Your creativity is probably sprouting up all over the internet. You have an Etsy shop, a Flickr photo feed, a WordPress blog, a Zazzle page... and probably lots more. But wouldn’t it be great for your customers, fans and followers to see all of that creativity in one place? SoopSee aims to unite all of your listings, shops, photos and more in one website. You can also choose customized designs and your own domain name. Read more about SoopSee on Etsy's blog, The Storque.

  • EtsySaver

    EtsySaver is a windows screensaver that displays recently listed items based on an Etsy shop, gift guide, or category. Requires Windows XP or Vista. Images can be clicked to view that item on Etsy. EtsySaver is part of the larger Tools For Etsy site.

  • ColorMatch
    26 Olive Street

    Upload any JPEG image and ColorMatch will extract out the color hues and then search Etsy items that match your custom colors and optional keywords. Read more about ColorMatch on Etsy's blog, The Storque.

  • Etsy Shop Tools
    26 Olive Street

    Etsy Shop Tools is an Etsy Shop monitor and sharing application for the web, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. With sharing, an Etsy Shop Tools user can easily share items to their galleries. You can also embed your Etsy Shop Tool Gallery on your blog or website.

  • Etsy Addict For iPhone / iPod Touch
    Daniel Dickison

    Discover all the handcrafted goodness on sale at with this handy app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Quickly navigate your favorite sellers, browse listings by category, and search by tag, seller, or description. Read more about Etsy Addict on Etsy's blog, The Storque.

  • Gotta Etsy For iPhone / iPod Touch
    Jacob Waechter

    Built for iPhone OS 3.0. For those who have to "Etsy" on the go. Provides access to the handcrafted listings on Browse listing by category, browse, and bookmark favorites for later reference.

  • Statsy Locator

    The Statsy Locator is a tool which allows sellers to find out where their items appear in search results. By searching for your items with buyer-like keywords, you can see which of your items' tags can be improved and which items should be renewed.

  • More Cloth
    More Cloth

    The morecloth website calculates the color scheme of fabric swatches on Etsy and sorts fabric listings into groups according to color. Click on a color bar to see related fabrics and then click on a fabric to see its Etsy listing. Read more about More Cloth on Etsy's blog, The Storque.

  • Craft Weasel
    Red Row Studio

    Craftweasel will look at your favourite items and shops to get an idea of what your tastes, then search through all the items that have been listed in the last day to find ones that it thinks you'll like. Read more about Craft Weasel on Etsy's blog, The Storque.

  • Sellit

    Sellit for Etsy is a tool that works with your existing shop to market your handcrafted products on social networks, blogs, and other community platforms around the Internet. Easily start conversations about your products in places like Twitter, Facebook and Ning. Sellit allows your products on Etsy to be seen in new places and become a part of the buzz. Read more about Sellit on Etsy's blog, The Storque.

  • Tools for Etsy by Yaami Handmade

    Yaami Handmade provides a number of tools for Etsy, including stats about your shop, hearts and items. We also provide Etsy gadgets and badges for your website or blog.

  • Etsy Touch
    Eternity Technologies

    Etsy Touch is Etsy for your iPhone or iPod touch. It tastefully integrates the unique features of your Apple Mobile device and the beautiful products published on Etsy. It's Etsy you can touch.

  • ESellerAds

    ESellerAds is a free advertising solution for Etsy Sellers that enables your customers to shop anywhere on the web and buy on Etsy. ESellerAds are dynamic, interactive ads that you make with a single click. You can put your ESellerAds on Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter and more for free. Read more about ESellerAds on Etsy's blog, The Storque.

  • BigCrumbs

    BigCrumbs allows you to post deals on items in your Etsy shop on the BigCrumbs site, where thousands of people already shop every day. It's completely free to join and post items on BigCrumbs.

  • Etsy Love
    Shannon Kish

    Etsy Love allows sellers to return detailed information regarding their listings and/or shop, then get summarized information regarding those results. Returned results for a shop can be filtered by user-entered criteria and sorted based on several criteria. Users also have the ability to summarize the returned results into demographic information which can be used in tandem with the filtering functionality to analyze particular listings or their shop as a whole.

  • Webs For Etsy Stores and Teams

    Create a website around your Etsy store or your Etsy team. Create a blog, post videos and photos, lets users add testimonials and display your Etsy store. Etsy teams can display all the products for all team members in one store view, and allow all team members to post to the blog or upload videos and photos as well.

  • CraftCount

    Craftcount tracks Etsy top sellers via the sales count in every country and category, updated every 24 hours. The information is restricted to capture sellers with over 1000 sales in the main categories of handmade, vintage and supplies and the top 100 in the sub-categories. Drop me a note if you find yourself missing.

  • Etsy Pixel Picker
    Cecca Whetnall

    pload an image, or add a link to a URL. You can then zoom in on the picture to select the colour you like. When you've picked a pixel a rotating cube of Etsy items appears! You can then click on any of the items and be taken to the item page on Etsy. You can click as many times as you like and the cube will refresh with items of the new colour. The page is written with Silverlight, so you'll need to download the Silverlight plugin when prompted.

  • commonplace. Your social show space.

    Showcase your Etsy products to a community of collectors, curators, designers and culture enthusiasts. Shoppers use commonplace to discover, show-off and recommend their favorite products, collections and brands. Etsy shop owners use commonplace to more deeply engage customers with a social shopping experience. commonplace can help you generate buzz, boost your product's viral marketing potential and gain another channel for personalized selling.

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