Many of you know that I have Ankylosing Spondylitis but you may not know what this means. I've been hunting down AS videos on YouTube to help other people understand what AS is. It also helps me to know that other people "get" what I'm going through. I should make my own video soon. Maybe I'll put it on the to do list for 2010. Until then, here's a few stories from other people...

And, here's some general info.....

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  1. Marjorie Says:

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you have this. You know, we are just such infants when it comes to our understanding of these painful autoimmune diseases. And the steriods and cytotoxic medicines we use for them...well, its kind of like using a machine gun on the poor body because it causes so many other problems with the healthy cells :( Please know that you are gorgeous in your one would ever think of you as sick by how you look and you are young too. We have so much room to get WAY better at how we treat this in the coming years so hang in there! I think someday we can understand WHY the body gets confused and goes into an autoimmune disease state where it is basically picking on itelf...we need to turn that whole process completely off at the source. And I really do believe we'll do that someday soon. Be well :)


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