"Erected in 1892 by Wm. Lawrence, the house was occupied until Mrs. Lawrence's death c1940. The house was then closed up with everything still inside, and sat that way until it was donated to the city in 1977. Tours were held to help raise funds for restoration and while restoration efforts were underway, c1984, it was set ablaze by an arsonist destroying the second floor and attic. The city considered demolition, but since the structure was sound, renewed efforts were made to restore the house. With a substancial boost from Suncor and volunteer craftsmen and workers, the Lawrence House Suncor Centre for the Arts was opened in June 1986. The audio/visual dept. of the Sarnia Library was housed here from 1986-1996. The house is now home to the Sarnia Arts Council. "

I'd love to see a picture of it today. Sarnia's not too far away, maybe we'll have to take a road trip down to see this beautiful building.

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