Happy Thursday everyone!
I've got a busy day a head of me but I wanted to share some great blog friends from this week so far! Hopefully they will delight you as you put off doing your homework, household cores, and general errands as much as they did for me :) hehe...

Lego man halloween costume

This awesome Halloween costume was posted on Leader of Man blog. LOL... i SOOO want all of my friends to join me in dressing up as lego people next Halloween!!!

This pictures was posted on The Dainty Squid and totally made me smile because I'm pretty sure our houndy hound Sassy would have looked a little bit like this puppy when she was little. Since we got her when she was just over 2 years old we'll never know BUT we does that exact "paw thing" all the time! lol. So darn cute!


The what to cereal flow chart is totally AWESOME! Click it for a bigger image. It comes to us from the Daily Fork. I will pretty must eat any cereal any time but for those of you that only eat cereal when the craving strikes, this flow chart should help you make the most of your craving. hehe.

This amazing picture comes from MoonBrains and is pretty much my dream house! Someone PLEASE buy me this place!!!... oh, and pay the utilities and taxes haha!

White and bittersweet chocolate truffle skulls with candied walnut brains
Now this is chocolate the way I like it - CREEPY! Yup, those are truffles and amazing Figs and BRI blog gives us a full tutorial on how to make them! This is a dream come true for me because I LOVE modeling and casting .. and if the final result is chocolate truffles - HELLO!!!! --- This is my pick of blog post of the YEAR.... maybe even the decade! This post as also reminded me that I really need to free up some time in my schedule so I'll have time to model and cast more.... and make awesome creations like this skull truffles! If only money grow on trees I would do a fun creation every day of the year, get lots of sleep, and finally watch the final season of Lost!

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