As Halloween grows closer the air gets colder, the leaves change color, and the pumpkins ripen in the fields. People start wearing orange and brown a bit more, the days grow hazy, and the smell of spices kill kitchens across the city. Autumn isn't just my favourite season because of Halloween you know.... I love everything about this season! It flies by so fast and is followed up by the season I hate the most - cold COLD winter. But, winter isn't hear yet so we aren't even going to talk about it. Instead we'll give thanks for the wonderful fall season! We had Thanksgiving at my parents place today and it was good to get together with family. The meal was good too of course ;) I usually plan "Tofurkey Day" at our place - a pot lock for friends - I made the Tofurkey and they bring the sides, but this year has just been so busy with the transition back into school full time and prepping for a big craft show at the end of the month. Maybe I'll have a "Post Tofurkey Day" post luck in November :)

To celebrate Thanksgiving (or Tofurkey Day), I searched high and low for some unique handmade finds! Here's what I found from around the web (click on the picture to see the listing):

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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