Can you believe September is now half over?! It still feels like August to me. Perhaps because I know the Holiday Shopping Season is just around the corner! It will sneak up on us fast, so we have to make sure our shops are ready now! Halloween is, of course, my favorite holiday and I have been getting ready for it since the of the summer. I'm sure it will pass by in a blur when it actually arrives - it usually does. After the ghouls have left us for another year, Christmas will be the main focus of many - I even saw Canadian Tire setting up for it last weekend!

In the past week at the Marketing Department of Handmade News, we continued to help you get organized with our time-management series, and we interviewed some of the top sellers at Etsy to find out what their marketing strategies are. Why not learn from those who have already had great success with their handmade business?

Here's a recap of the articles posted last week:

Making your Fan Page Work for You
In this article, Libby shares with us how she's made her Facebook Fan Page so successful! There's lots of helpful hints and how-to's that you wont want to miss! Make sure you're getting the most of your fan page by check out this article.

Marketing Strategies Interview with Jeanette of Umecrafts
Jeanette of Umecrafts has had a great response on Etsy with almost 4200 sales since 2007! In this article she shares the marketing strategies she uses to get the word out about her super cute shop.

Marketing Strategies Interview with Jessica of Mia Joie
Even though Jesscia's Etsy shop, Mia Joie, has only been around since March 15, 2008, she has no shortage of sales! With over 790 sales, her part-time business is quickly becoming a full-time adventure! In this article she shares her marketing strategies with us. Anyone who can make such a huge impact on Etsy, in such a short period of time, can surely help other handmade sellers.

Marketing Strategies Interview with Lisa of Savor
Savor on Etsy is run by Mike and Lisa, a husband and wife team of soap-makers. Since opening in their Etsy shop in fall of 2007, this tag team duo has had over 15,110 sales! When you visit their shop you'll be drawn in by all the yummy sounding soaps, body butter, mists, and more! You may think that a shop like this would market itself, but there's always lots of things going on in the background. In this article, Lisa joins us for an interview to discuss how Savor is marketed.

Make Every Listing a Landing Page
A landing page is meant to catch your viewer's attention, make them want your product or service, and make a purchase. Why can't your listings be landing pages! Kristin thinks you can turn each and every listing into a marketing tool, and after reading this, you will think so too!

Marketing Strategies Interview with Christina and Courtney of White Owl
White Owl is a shop on Etsy owned by two sisters, Christina and Courtney. These sisters have a big heart for handmade and often "rescue" their materials at estate sales, flea markets and even their own grandmother! Since opening their shop in 2008, they have had over 530 sales! There is some really tough competition in the handmade jewelry category. In this article, the sisters of White Owl share how they are able to thrive with such competition.

Stop Feeling Guilty for Not Marketing Enough
If you're feeling overwhelmed with all the marketing tasks on your to do list, and feel like you're just keeping your head above water, it's time to read this article. This article is a continuation of the time-management series from last week and is not to be missed! Unless, of course, you don't mind feeling stressed out and are THISCLOSE to burning out ;)

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