September is in full swing and I know I'm not the only shop owner who's "to do list" keeps growing with preparations for the upcoming holidays - Halloween and Christmas being the big ones, but I haven't forgotten about Talk Like a Pirate Day either (Arrr!).

Last week in the Marketing Department of Handmade News, we focus not only on the latest marketing strategies, but we also showed you how to get it all done! The week was all about being productive and efficient! This week we will continue to bring you the latest news that you need to know about to get the word out about your online shop!

In case you missed last week's articles, here's a recap for you:

Artfire Launches Coupon Codes For Verified Sellers
The moment we've all been waiting for! Artfire shop owners can now set up coupon codes for their online shop! This feature is exactly what Artfire shops need for the upcoming holiday season! If you want to know more about coupon codes, including helpful tips and tricks, check out this article by Libby!

Twiteeps - Jump start your Twitter account!
We all know we should be using Twitter but is your Twitter account up to par? In this article, Susan helps us ensure our Twitter accounts make the grade and are set up to help bring customers to our shops. This is a must read for all Twitter users! Even advanced Twitter users will find at least a few helpful hints in this article.

How To Have A Sale For Your Craft Business Online
Have you had a sale lately? With the state of the economy, more and more people are looking for a deal and many handmade shops are suffering. Many buyers of handmade goods want to continue to support small, handmade businesses, but it can be hard. Help give your potential customers a reason to take a second look at your shop. Running a sale can be easy and bring in those extra sales we all need. Check out this article by Kristin to find out how to pull off a sale without going broke!

Promote Your Artfire or Etsy Shop More in Less Time
We all have more tasks than time. This is just a fact of life, especially for shop owners who have other full or part time commitments. In this article, I share one of the ways I'm able to complete a large number of marketing tasks while still having time to be creative in the studio. I have received great feedback about this article (a few of my online friends have even printed it!), so go check it out for yourself. Trust me, if there is one thing you should make time for, it's learning new ways to be productive in less time.

Expose Yourself and Give it Away!
We're serious! Expose yourself and give it away! This article has everything you would ever want to know about hosting a giveaway! Many shops have found a good source of sales from giveaways and you can too! Susan takes us through the process from start to finish, and sprinkles in helpful hints along the way.

A System for Organizing Marketing Tasks to Help You Accomplish More
A continuation from my last article, this article covers another extremely effective strategy for staying on top of your marketing and business tasks. This strategy can be applied to both online and offline tasks so you don't want to miss out on this one! Several of my online friends have already started implementing this simple, yet effective strategy. If you've been feeling overwhelmed and stressed out that you're not accomplishing everything you want to, make time to read this article.

Marketing Strategies Interview with Astrid of SweetHeartSinner DIY Creations
One of the top sellers on Etsy took the time to talk to me about her marketing strategies. She has had over 11,120 sales since September of 2006. Anyone who has that many sales knows what they are doing, and are doing it right! Learn from someone who has already found great success selling her handmade creations online by reading this article.
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