Can you believe it's September already?! The weather outside feels like November but I think we only had a week of "real" summer weather around here so it feels like it couldn't possibly be September! Some days I still think it's June and that summer hasn't really started at all. I guess that's the Canadian in me! I wait for summer all year long just to have it flash by in a couple hot days and then back to the cold! brr! Thankfully the cold weather hasn't stopped the Marketing Department at Handmade News from coming up with the latest and greatest articles to help handmade artisans promote their Etsy and Artfire shops!

Here's what the team came out with last week.....

1.SpringWidgets, RSS Feeds And You

Have you heard of SpringWidgets yet? If you haven't you're going to be thankful that you have after reading this article! If you're already using SpringWidgets you can still benefit from this article because Libby shares some insider tricks! SpringWidgets are something that are really taking off around the web because of how simply, yet useful they are. They are not only easy to set up but even easier to maintain (they actually maintain themselves)! Check out this article to help get your products out to more people in a visually pleasing and effective way.

2. Advertising Your Craft Business on the Radio

As online business owners, we sometimes forget about all the traditional methods of advertising. Radio ads can be extremely effective and can reach a wide audience. If you're not ready to hit up your local radio station, maybe you would be more comfortable with an online radio station? In this article, Kristin helps us understand why radio ads can be a great way to advertise AND be a ton of fun! You can't beat that right?

3.Tweetips - Double Your Message, Double Your Tweets

Have you ever wanted to get more out of each of your tweets? Some times 140 characters just doesn't seem like enough right? Well, never fear! Sue is here with a quick and simple way to get more out of each tweet! This is a must see article for all of you who have embraced twitter! If you've ever wanted to get double the message from one little tweet, you need to see this article!

4. What's Trust Got to do with it?
No, we're not asking what Tina Turner has been asking for years, "What's love got to do with?!"... oh no, we know what love has to do with being a handmade artists. But we want to know what does TRUST have to do with it?! Kristin explains why trust is a key component that no handmade business can be without!

5. The Artfire Kiosk for Facebook
The best thing to hit the internet since the "Can I haz cheezburger" cats - and a lot more useful! Artfire kick starts our marketing efforts on Facebook for FREE with their brand new application! No profile or fan page should be without this application and Libby breaks down the "how to" for us! She also shares a few valuable tricks that you wont want to miss! If you're using Facebook to promote your online business, you need to read Libby's article to make sure you're maximizing your marketing efforts!

6. Deciding What is Better for Your Business on Facebook - a Group or a Fan Page?
With more and more businesses jumping on the Facebook band wagon sometimes it's hard to know what's right for your business. When a business owner decides to start using Facebook to get the word out about their products they are faced with one huge question - group or fan page? The answer may not be as cut and dry as you would think! Thankfully, Sue helps us break down the pros and cons for each so we can make a more educated decision about how to use Facebook effectively.

7.Why Your Craft Business Should Be Having A Sale
Do you think that you're business isn't "booming" enough to have a sale? Do you think you can't afford to have a sale right now? If "sale" is a scary "4 letter word" to you, it's time you read Kristin's article! She shows us that sales don't have to be scary, and we certainly don't have to lose money by having one! Actually, Kristin shows exactly why a sale (and what kind of sale) will kick your business into high gear! After you've read this article and applied Kris
tin's suggestions you'll wonder why you didn't have a sale before!
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