That's right, I'm moving on up from using Hotmail to send out my monthly business update! Join me for the move!

If you've previously been receiving my update:
you'll have to sign up below again or you'll miss out! I don't want anyone to miss out so make sure you sign up to my new list below :)

For those of you who haven't received the "Batty Update" before, check out the info below to find out what this monthly update is all about:

The monthly SBD update includes lots of fun stuff including sneak peek of pictures from the SBD studio, discount coupon codes for the online shop, a look at the latest SBD handmade creations, and much more! If you're a fan of She's Batty Designs you don't want to miss your chance to get the latest news and discounts!

Don't worry,
you only receive one email per month.
Nobody likes to have their inbox out of control so SBD wont added to the chaos :)

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