Presented by the Ghouls Guild
October 1 - 13

13 days of deals, prizes, and spooky fun
from Artfire's creative creatures of the night!

Keep checking the link below to the Guild Blog for more updates!

Featured Member Schedule
Check out the members of our guild below for lots of treats (yes, deals and sales)!

October 1 - Skelekitty | Surpreyes

October 2 - HuckleberryArts | 2 of Mind and Spirit

October 3 – Aquariann | 6060 |

October 4 – She’s Batty Designs | Rocker Chic

October 5 - Koti Beth Designs | Simply Smiss

October 6 – Rouxbee | Kaotic Ekko’s Curiosities |

October 7 – House Morbid | KitCameo

October 8 – Debvandet Designs | Liz Miera

October 9 – Rsisland Crafts | Morgaine-du-Mer | Virago Creations

October 10 – Amy’s Holiday Gifts | Diane Cipollo

October 11 – JenniferLynn Productions | My Magic Me

October 12 – 49Stocker | A and M Boutique

October 13 – Sisters of the Moon Designs | Bloodshred DIY


Check out the sales that will be going on during Trick or Treat 2009!

These sales are valid from Oct 1st to Oct 13th 2009 (unless stated otherwise)

Shop: Morgaine-du-Mer

Coupon Code: 10HALLOWEENIE10

Details: 10% off all shop categories except original ACEOs

Shop: House Morbid

Coupon Code: ANABEL LEE

Details: 20% off your totally order. One use per customer.

Shop: Rsisland Crafts

Coupon Code: Ghoul's Guild TrickorTreat2009

Details: 20% off (this coupon code is valid for the whole month of October)

Shop: Kaotic Ekkos Curiosities

Coupon Code: TRICKORTREAT2009

Details: 13% off

Shop: She's Batty Designs

Coupon Code: GHOULS

Details: Free Shipping on all Canadian and US orders.

Shop: JenniferLynn Productions

Coupon Code: halloween13

Details: Free shipping

Shop: Simply Smiss

Coupon Code:

Details: Buy 2 get items and get free US shipping or 1/2 off international shipping. Will refund the different or post a custom listing (no coupon code required). Simple Smiss is closed until Oct 5th.

Shop: Debvandet Designs

Coupon Code: debvandet15

Details: 15% off

Shop: A and M Boutique


Details: Free shipping on Halloween and Wiccan Items

Shop: Mad Science Creations

Coupon Code: GHOULS09MSC

Details: Free Shipping on US and Canadian orders (coupon code is valid for the entire month of October)

Shop: Rouxbee Design Boutique

Coupon Code: n/a

Details: "I will be pulling sneaky sales, and randomly turning my whole entire shop on sale by either 5%,
10%, or 15% sporadically for a total of 30 minutes-2 hours on a DAILY basis."

Shop: Skelekitty

Coupon Code 1: GHOULSGUILD666

Details for code 1: 66.6% off prints

Coupon Code 2: GHOULSGUILD13

Details for code 2: 13% off original art


Check out the prizes you could win during Trick or Treat 2009!

Stay tuned info on the Scavenger Hunt and Blog Giveaways!

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2 Responses
  1. Susie Says:

    I love those things! I have a few items as well, but don't have the time to keep up with the rules set in the guild. I'm really bad at that. Great idea!

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