I'm not sure how to explain this but I love the above video more than I could possibly explain. It brings me back to a time in my childhood where my "to do list" (yes, I've always had to do lists) consisted of "draw all the creations in Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Halloween" and "use all the construction paper on window decorations for Halloween". I'm so lucky my parents encouraged me as a "little artist". I was allowed to cover ALL the front windows with my creations and of course, there wasn't even enough space around Halloween for the light to come through those windows! We borrowed Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Halloween so many times at the public library that they finally told us that we can't renew it every single time we needed to bring it back! We needed to let someone else borrow it! lol. I'm now so proud to own my own copy. Even if it's a "kids book", it's one of my most cherished books. I spent so many hours with this book and it certainly still inspires my creations now, over 20 years later! So, not only does the above video remind me of all the wonderful creatures in Ed Emberley's book, but the music reminds me of one of my fav movies, Edward Scissorhands. I've loved this movie since it came out in 1990. The above video is a great mix of these two things I love. Whimsical and spooky things like this give me a tingling feeling from my head to my toes. I'm in awe just like a child on Christmas morning. I'm completely captivated and can't look away. It's like visual and audio crack for me!!! If I was a junky, these types of things (the above video, Ed's book, and Edward) would be my addiction - my crack! I just had to share this with you for this Freaky Friday Feature. I wanted to show you a more personal side of me and show you what grabs me and wont let go! I hope there are things in your life that you love so much you can't explain either. We all know that our loved ones have the first spot in our lives and people can easily relate to that. My love for whimsical spooky things is harder to explain, harder to expect people to relate to. I'm sure there are few of you out there that understand. I wish each one of you a full lifetime of inspiring visual & audio candy to feed your creepy artsy soul.
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