In the last week we have seen a lot of changes at Handmade News! The site design is in the "tweaking stage", and my bio is now up as the editor of the department! Hooray! We've also had a lot of buzz around our articles! I'm sure you'll see why when you check them out!

I wanted to share with you all the awesome articles that got published last week in the Marketing Department so you can stay on top of the latest marketing strategies and tips! Here they are:

1. The Marketing Secrets Behind Volume 25
Volume 25 is a very busy shop at Etsy. Run by Jessica, Volume 25 has had over 860 sales since opening its virtual doors in January of 2008. Today Jessica shares the marketing strategies she’s used to help build such a successful business.

2. Business Card Marketing
One of the most important, and least expensive ways to market is to make use of your business cards.Find out how you can put something as simple as a business card to work for you!

3. Forums: Fun, Free Advertising
In this article, Kristin dishes on how to have fun while advertising for free! Everyone wants to know how to have free fun that is also productive for your handmade business right? Check out Kristin's article for all the

4. Say it with Stickers
Kelli shares why using stickers is one of the most cost-effective and easily obtainable methods of promotion. In these tough times we all need advice on how we can make our marketing efforts go further. Kelli shows us how stickers can fit into our tiny marketing budgets but still have a bit impact!

5. Marketing Interview with Rebekah of The Dog Lady and Positive Propaganda
This week Rebekah of The Dog Coat Lady (on Etsy) and Positive Propaganda (on ArtFire) shares how she got started in the handmade world and how she's continued to grow her successful business. She's sold over 7640 items on Etsy and she's now expanding onto ArtFire with a goal to change the world with a button. Check out this article learn more about this unique seller and her creative marketing strategies.

6. What a Street Team Can Do for
In this article, Kristin let's us know what a street team can do for us and our handmade business! She sets the record straight about what you should look for in a street team and what to watch out for. If you've been thinking about joining a street team now is the time - but not before you arm yourself with the info in this article!

7. Guerrilla Marketing and You #2: Give It Away Now
This article has so much information we had to split it into two parts! Kelli covers guerrilla marketing strategies for contests, samples and sales - things every handmade business should know about and use! Even if you are already using contests, samples or sales, you'll want to read this article! It covers information for the newbie to guerrilla marketing and the advanced guru how as done, and seen it all. Check out part one for samples and sales, and part 2 for contests.
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