Part 1 of “Marketing Yourself as an Expert” defined what an expert is and how to know if you are indeed an expert of your craft. Part 2 will show you how marketing yourself as an expert can work to your advantage.

So how does being an expert help you with marketing your business? Gaining the confidence that comes with knowing your craft inside and out will help you jump leaps and bounds above your competition. Use this new found confidence to help other novice artisans by being active in crafting forums and offering up advice for any artisans who are looking for help with their technique or material usage. You’ll start to notice that you’re standing out as the “go to artist” in your selective field when someone needs help or has a question. Being known as the “artist with the answers” will keep you in the forefront of other artisans’ minds that can lead to word of mouth advertising. Other forum users will start to know you as a “friendly face” and will be more likely to buy from you.

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