So you haven't seen any more workout videos around here yet, but don't worry! I am getting my workouts in!

I've actually been working at my "day job" a lot more the past 2 weeks so I've been turning my commute to and from work into my workouts. I've been power walking mostly, but I just scored a bike recently. It's only a one speed (that's probably older than I am), but it makes my commute much faster PLUS it's an amazing workout on the way to work because there's 3 hills! I can't make it up the last hill without walking my bike, but by that point I'm ready to die anyways!

Working more has really been a great thing! Not only for my wallet, but for my waistline. I'll be starting school again soon (full time), so I'm trying to cramp a bunch of hours in now because I know I wont be able to work (or workout) as much after Sept 10th (first day of school). I'm also trying to get lots of workouts in before the Canadian winter hits! I know it might sound silly, but the winter seems to come earlier and earlier every year and I wont be able to bike in the snow, or power walk much because my bones "don't do cold" on account of my Ankylosing Spondylitis.

I've been working in some "weights training" too. Not much, but a little. You'll never guess how I'm working it in!

On the weekend, I had to do a few earns so I walked Noel around with me to get things done. We power walked and she was exhausted after! When we got back, I took Sally and Princess out around the block. Now, you may be wondering where the weights are in this scenario.

Noel is an amazing walker, and fully trained to walk right beside me. The other two dogs, are far from being "as good as Noel". Princess is a big girl and has a lot of weight behind her. She likes to zig zag on the leash so she's never walking RIGHT beside me very well (yet). Sassy, our newest addition, hasn't had much leash training yet because we take them to the dog park all the time. You might see where I'm going with this now....

Sassy and Princess ARE MY WEIGHTS. So while I walk them, I'm training them to be better walkers AND getting my weight training in.. at least for my arms and shoulders. I have them walk right beside me which can be tricky without using upper body strength (which I totally lack). It's hard to do weight training, and probably shouldn't even be walking those crazy dogs, because I'm not supposed to lift over 10lbs because I can send myself into a flare up. Some days I just have to take the risk though. It feels good to be active and to be productive (as far as the dog training) as the same time. It will be awesome when they are trained as well as Noel and can walk on a loose leash with no pulling!

In other workout news, I broke out the Mario Dance Dance pads this week! I haven't used them in ages, but I plan to play gamecube to change things up a bit. I love that game and it makes for a great workout, especially when you're taking on Bowser! lol.

P.S. If you've just started following my blog, Noel, Sassy, and Princess are my dogs lol.. i'm sure you figured that out by now though.
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